Suitable for Men & Women

Children of all ages



   A non-greasy anti-oxidant that replenishes essential nutrients for the skin which slows down the ageing process by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

 It’s a moisturizing treatment that soothes and cools the skin while it evens out skin tones.

it is an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal that helps clear your skin of acne/pimples, freckles, whiteheads/blackheads, face and skin rashes as well as soothes sunburn and relieves itchiness.



 Limonia Acidissia tree is 100% organic and natural. It is a yellowish-white cosmetic creamy paste containing the 2 active ingredients of coumarin and marmesin.Coumarin is a phytochemical, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant agent. It removes all kinds of bacteria and fungi from human skin while actively producing the two major proteins of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin reverse premature ageing and keeps skin supple, elastic and young looking The marmesin content naturally protects the skin from harmful UV-A rays. UV-A degrades both skin proteins and moisture which causes wrinkles, fine lines and prematureageing. Marmesin also shields the skin from harmful UV-B rays. UV-B increasesthe production of melanin in our skin resulting in skin discoloration, freckles and even skin cancer.

It has a fragrant scent somewhat similar to sandalwood & lime. The creamy paste is applied to the face & may be applied from head to toe.

The fragrant and pest resistant tree is a slow growth perennial tree needing 3 to 10 years for the trunk to grow 2inches. A tree must be at least 35 years old before producing commercially the creamy paste.

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